1. The tutorial shows you adding social network page link in 'find me on' option. 
2. As all of them use default (#) links we should change them. 
3. You should remember the consecutiveness of them, because in html only img tags will be displayed.  
4. Let's change facebook's link. 
5. You should go to 
6. Login. 
7. click on file manager  
8. then double click on Go. 
9. Select index.html file 
10. And click on Edit. 
11. Select utf-8 and click on Edit again. 
12. Here you will see our social network icons with it's default links. 13. As the first one is facebook enter your facebook like page link instead of #. 
14. For example we can enter Google's official facebook page link. 15. Click on Save Changes. 
16. Go to your homepage. 
17. When we hover on facebook's logo, link will appear. 
18. It means that it does work well. 
19. after clicking on it, you will immediately be redirected to google's official facebook like page. 
20. That is all!

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