1. The tutorial will teach you adding buttons with their contents in HTML5 GalleryAdmin.
2. Let's add one button in menu's content.
3. Begin with going to
4. Login.
5. Please find file manager and click on it.
6. The next thing you should to is to select Web Root and click on Go.
7. Please mark index.html and click Edit.
8. Then click on Edit again.
9. Now we can alter index.html file. Click Command + F (Mac) or CTRL + F (Windows) and type in the box that appears 'read more'
10. This is called read more design code.
11. You should copy the whole line.
12. Then click on command + F or ctrl + F again and now find newly created page name. In our case it is page_products.
13. You can see its content.
14. Please add a new line.
15. and paste read more button here.
16. Instead of page_MORE, please type in the page name that you will actually use for your large text. in our example it is: page_MOREPRODUCTS.
17. Now you should open and then close li tag.
18. Between them write your content which will appear in a large text.
19. And the most important part is adding id="yourpagename" after tag opens. In our case page_MOREPRODUCTS.
20. Save all the changes
21. Go to your homepage and see how it works.


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